At Unit Chemical Corporation, we pride ourselves on being able to develop quality private label environmentally responsible products for a variety of diverse customers. Our wide range of packaging capabilities allow us to fill powder and liquid fill products for numerous clients, as well as ship in single to bulk case quantities. Unit Chemical has the ability to package in containers ranging from four (4) grams to 55-gallons (208 L). Along with outstanding product quality, Unit Chemical Corporation can support your endeavors with a variety of marketing, logistic and development services. Some of the various services we offer include: 
  • Product formulation by our in-house and consultant chemists.
  • Quality control to insure your product will meet your customer?s specifications.
  • Turnkey order distribution from our factory in Henderson, Nevada.
  • Drop - ship order fulfillment. We have negotiated a 73% discount with three major freight carriers.

Examples of the types of private label products we have manufactured include: portable toilet chemicals, liquid dishwash detergents, coffee cup cleaners, oven cleaners, sporting equipment deodorizers, chain cleaners, pool chemicals, freezer cleaners, drain deodorizers, fire/smoke deodorizers, cake airbrush cleaners, air filter cleaners, rug shampoos, floor & wall cleaners, waterbed conditioners, etc. 
If you have special cleaning related needs not specifically mentioned here, we can still help. Our experienced chemists are available to formulate products especially for your applications. We have done this numerous times for our customers, and will be happy to do it for you. There is never a charge for this service. 
Please contact us for more information on your private labeling interests. 

Why carry your own line of cleaners? 
Chances are, your customers are using cleaning agents in a variety of applications. Since you are already servicing these customers, why not meet their needs for environmentally responsible cleaning products as well. Supplying these agents under your company?s brand builds customer loyalty and practically eliminates the possibility that the customer will find the same product from another supplier. By providing more of the products that your customers use, you reduce their dependence upon other suppliers while strengthening your relationship with them. 
Cleaning products are a natural extension for many product lines. By adding well chosen cleaning agents to your product offering, you enable your sales force to generate additional sales without pioneering new customers - they can simply sell additional products "up-sell" to their existing customers. If your company supplies product to industries that can use cleaning agents, we have proven products ready to go to work for you. 
If your product line already includes cleaning products, it might be worthwhile to review the offering to insure that it includes newer generation, environmentally responsible cleaners. Since most companies are proactively removing hazardous or regulated materials from the work place in favor of safer alternatives, many of the conventional cleaning chemicals have fallen out of favor. 

Why partner with Unit Chemical Corporation? 
By partnering with us, you leverage Unit Chemical Corporation?s capacity to develop, manufacture, and technically support leading edge cleaning products with your company?s experience in sales, marketing and customer service in the markets that you know best. As our partner, you can enjoy the benefits of our experience and capabilities without having to create an extensive infrastructure within your company. 
Under your company?s brand, our products will help give you the technical edge to stand above your competitors in the marketplace. These products will help you meet your customer?s needs by providing outstanding cleaning performance while maintaining the highest standard of heath, safety, and environmental stewardship and do so at a competitive price. 

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